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Will this give negative pressure airflow???

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New Member
Mar 24, 2002
Watford, England

Just a q for you all. At mo, i have a stock 80mm fan at the front and a sunon 80mm (39cfm) at the back for the exhaust.

I'm thinking of putting a delta (I may be able to put up with the noise...) 80mm fan at the back and the sunon at the front.

Thing is, should you have equal cfm at front at back to get airflow? See, i cant really cut a vent in my front plate to get better airflow to the intake, so i want to concentrate on removing heat with the exhaust.

Any comments on this idea? good/bad/suggestions?

Cheers People


PS. I have a GlobalWin cakII38 HSF. Does that have a delta 38cfm fan on it (so i can compare the noise relatively)
I'd put the more powerfull fan in the lower front and the Sunon in the back, don't forget you have the power supply fan too. Negative pressure works for some people, but it will draw in alot of dust around the cd's. Depending on actual cfm's of each fan, you may end up with negative pressure anyway.

If you can, remove the metal stamped grate in front of the fans too, this kills the airflow, and makes the fans noisier. Just a pair of good wire cutters can usually snip the grate away, or maybe tin snips (metal cutting 'scissors').

As i see it, you will have negative pressure due to the fact you'll have your delta80mm and PSU fans exhausting, and only the sunon80mm intake.
If you will not cut the front panel to allow more air in, why not cut a hole in your CD or Floopy bay cover to bring in air over the CD-drive or a hard-drive sitting in the floppy bay.
This will allow more air in and reduce the negative pressure.