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Will This Mess My Connection Up???

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Jun 28, 2002
hey guys i got att broadband and my modem is on its own cable line i was wondering since i ahve a splitter for my cable can i run another line of my internet cable line into my tv tuner will that mess up connection speeds or anyhting so it would be like a Y 1 to modem one to computer monitor?????
There is most likely a filter on that line that allows the internet to come through. All you would have to do is find where the filter is, take it off, split it, and put the filter on one of the 2 sides of the split.
You can use a splitter no problem, i did the same thing and didn't notice any difference in my U/L or D/L speeds.
You can use a splitter like previously said. An ATT Broadband guy told me you can only split it once from outside to your cable modem. Splitting it too many times will reduce your signal and you will have connection problems.