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Will this motherboard fit my case?

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New Member
Jul 23, 2016
I'm currently browsing for a new motherboard/cpu for my computer. I currently have a Gigabyte F2A78M-HD2 motherboard and am looking to get the Asus H81M Plus Motherboard HDMI 4K.

I'm curious as to whether this will fit in my current setup
I don't have a CPU cooler, what information do you need? The over case of my tower or the Motherboard's Case?
Just had a look at the case and there's no ID / Serial Number etched into it, looking through past orders to try and find it. It's dimensions are 43cm long x 42 cm tall x 18 cm wide
Alright, I'm planning on changing with CPU along with it, (AMD A6-6400K APU) to (Intel Core I5 4460 3.2Ghz Quad Core) will that work? Or would I need to buy a new DDR?
No, an Intel CPU won't fit in an AMD MoBo, you must check what socket/motherboard chipset your CPU is designed for (or the other way aroun...)
I'm changing the MoBo from an AMD to an Asus to hopefully accommodate the Intel CPU
Everything, you are not giving us enough information which is a problem.
I'm changing the MoBo from an AMD to an Asus to hopefully accommodate the Intel CPU

Asus makes both AMD and Intel CPU compatible motherboards. An Intel 4460 CPU would need a socket 1150 motherboard. It's the socket that is the critical component in matching a CPU/APU with a motherboard. The motherboard needs to have the socket architecture to match the CPU.
The relevant information for the questions asked is in the post #1 and post #7. He's going from an AMD mATX mobo to an Intel mATX board-so it should fit in the same case. The new board he listed supports DDR3, same as the old board. The new (Asus) board model given in post #1 supports the chip given in post #7. I don't understand all the confusion?