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Will this temp mod work?

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Feb 3, 2004
Hi All;

I just finished installing my Giant III. It wasn't as hard as I had expected. My question is this. I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get a temperature monitor on my 9800 pro. So this is what I came up with.
I have an Aspire Dreamer II case with the temperature sensor that displays the system temp on the front of the case. What I did was put the temp probe inside the Giant III by the GPU. Do you think I will a fairly accurate reading doing this?
I just ran the aquamark03 and my temp showed 102.8 F (39.3C) at it's peak.
I have read many threads on this forum as to what is the maximum temp a 9800 pro should get. I have found many different answers. Any opinions?
Also, Not that it's a big deal but I am all most finished modding out my system. I have seen many awesome pictures of modding systems. When I finish sometime Monday I will share mine. All feedback both good and bad would be appreciated.
Thanks and Respects


Senior Air Extraordinaire
Apr 9, 2004
just be careful that if you hook up an external thermal probe to your GPU that whatever it's connected to isn't easily touched..... did that years ago and everytime I touched the temp monitor if I had any static electricity in me it would discharge and freeze up my computer..... I got tired of rebooting from that an uninstalled it.... :-/


Feb 28, 2004
Maybe you should calibrate for temp difference between the temp on top of gpu die and the surroundings....i don't know how much you should add....