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Will this work?

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New Member
Apr 5, 2001
I cant change my multiplyer but I do have control over DRAM clock and FSB, I run pc133 if I set it at 100 and up the FSB to 133 that will set the RAM at the right speed but I'm unshure what other efects that will have, I tryed it and my clock at startup read 231 (have duron700) 33X7 if I change voltage will this help?? Unlock the chip??
First you need to unlock the chip. Then start your upward journey, one step at a time.
If your motherboard bios don't allows you to adjust cpu multiplier, then there is no need to unlock your Duron 700. my friend has a Duron 700 and an Alpha pep66 Heatsink. He is able to take his Duron 700 7X133=933MHz, 1.85-. If your bios don't have vcore adjustment, then you won't be able to o/c this much.
Just try upper your fsb a little at a time to see how far you can go with default voltage. The negative effect would be the increase of your PCI bus speed as you rise the FSB. Some PCI component may stop working at high PCI Bus speed or last as long.
If you need more vcore voltage and your motherboard don't have that option, I heard you can close bridge 7 on your cpu to get 1.85 as default voltage but I am not sure or how it's exactly works. You have to ask around.