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Will This Work

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New Member
Apr 7, 2002
I have a celeron 700 coppermine,stock fan, in a "GA-6VM7A+" gigabyte mobo,FSB set at 66mhz. Gforce2mx400 64mb video card,heatsink,no fan. 64mb pc100 sdram & 256mb pc133 sdram.
If I set the FSB to 100mhz will it smoke the whole thing? You may quess I'm new to this and you are correct.
Thanks in advance
you should have posted this in Intel CPUs.....and i highly doubt you will be able to oc that far with stock cooling (i calculated and a 100mhz fsb would put you at 1066mhz which would be challenging with stock cooling)...also that would be dangerous i suggest you pick up a cheap 10-15$ heatsink/fan combo and then try to oc it.....also it is better if you slowly work your way up to the 100mhz fsb instead of making the big jump....


read those two articles they are very helpful when starting out overclocking...
no u will need some goo cooling. The most i ever got out of that chip with "alright cooling" was around 850 MHz. At 1.90 v core.