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win 10 backup???

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caddi daddi

Godzilla to ant hills
Jan 10, 2012
tonight it was nice and quiet, (the little bee was out of the house), and I was on a rig learning a thing or two.
suddenly there was a sound that I know as the click of death in the room so I shut down the rig I was on and still heard it.
I traced the sound to my storage box, so I looked at it, it is in a Tt p5 fully exposed case and could see the drive light blinking to the clicking.
I switched my kvm to it and win10 was saying that it couldn't backup, this is strange because I have an ssd for boot and 3 4TB hdds in back of it in some raid configuration so if one drive dies I can just shove another one in it's place and it will just take care of itself.
so I went digging in win 10 to turn off the backup function and I cant find any place to turn off backup.
do I have to back up in win 10?
if I do, where do I place the backup location in this raid setup?
I had found all of that, it looks to me that backup is turned off by default and was turned on.
I have E-mailed the guy that configured the rig so I'll need to wait till I hear from him before I do anything more.
talked to art in Atlanta, he says that the clicking is a bad sign, I am to ignore the backup dialog for now.
I am to fire it back up and id which drive is clicking, replace the drive, the data cable and the sata power cable, fire it back up, fire team viewer up and call him when I am done and he will deal with the win10 backup nag.