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Win 10 Pro debugging help, trying for remote shutdown

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Dec 25, 2004
At my work we have informational displays in the building that run a Powerpoint slideshow. When we update it, we use some .cmd files to update everything.

The ones running on Win 7 have no real issues with this, but the one Windows 10 Pro machine fails.

This is the .cmd file (with passwords and the like bowlderized)

@taskkill /s displaycnc /u domain\lobbydisplay /p password /pid pptview.exe 
@taskkill /s displaycnc /u domain\lobbydisplay /p password /pid pOWERPNT.exe
@taskkill /s displaycnc /u domain\lobbydisplay /p password /pid ppview32.exe

\\server6\UTILPUB\SLEEP 10

del \\server7\ShopDisplays\cnc\shopnews.pps
copy \\server7\ShopDisplays\cnc\shopnews.ppt \\server7\ShopDisplays\cnc\shopnews.pps

shutdown.exe /r /f /m  \\DISPLAYcnc

All the Powerpoint processes are stopped and the old .pps file gets deleted, but then it just sits there and never reboots.
is it ran as an admin? It could be failing without necessary elevation privs
is it ran as an admin? It could be failing without necessary elevation privs

Well, the username/pass in the first 3 lines is for a local administrator account. And this .cmd file is being run from a different machine on the network. How do you pass on elevated permissions to the machine? This does work on 6 Win 7 pro machines as written.

Edit: When run from a domain admin account, it does reboot. The person who normally runs the command is not a domain admin. Would adding their account as an administrator for the local computer fix this?

Edit2: That appears to resolve it. Added the user who normally runs the .cmd as a local admin and then it rebooted. Thanks Janus!
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