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Win 11 Issue With Mapped Drive

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Nov 7, 2004
Can someone please help I am still getting issues with Windows 11 and moving from a mapped network drive, I keep getting this error below. When adding the mapped drive which is connected to my router via USB cable Win 11 sees the drive and lets me add it. but trying to copy from it or too it it just won't do it at all.

If I go to my partners old laptop with Windows 7 it works fine my Windows 10 rig works fine just on Win 11 doesn't work. I have entered the exact error code but it comes up with something else and doesnt include the A at the end but I don't understand any of it.


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Off the top of my head.... Possibly SMB1 support. 10 and 7 we're enabled by default, 11 is not.
^^^^^I guess I can't get around Win11 as I could Win7. I'm on my way to watch a Win11 tutorial now. It's my fault for being lazy I guess.
I used (use) the search function a lot. Just type in what I want.. boom. Im there. Once there, I see where I'm at and know how to navigate to the area without search. :)
Well after all this time it still doesnt work with Windows 11 it lets me set it up everytime I can write to and copy from it in that session as soon I reboot or power up laptop again it shows the drive and content but lets me dragged off it depending on what it is and won't let me write to it. I have tried everything up to the point now where I just use USB sticks but it's a stupid thing that it doesn't work properly yet on 10 and 7 it works perfectly every time.
Have you reached out to MS??

Yes I did the day it was causing me issues they replied but it didn't fix it

What the filesystem format of the network drive? Have you checked permissions/ acl's? What SMB version is the network drive running on?

It's using ntfs/hfs+ according to what my router says when going to the section to enable it, it also says version 2.10? under programs and features I havent enabled SMB 1.0 under my Windows 10 rig