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WIN 7/KVM/DDM= gouging my eyes out!!!

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caddi daddi

Godzilla to ant hills
Jan 10, 2012
here's the fun.......
I have four rigs, all in one spot, just for fun I thought it would be really neat to run them on one monitor, keyboard and mouse, sounds simple, right?
just grab a kvm and we should be off to the races.
with microsoft it just never works out that way so it's just not working under win7, with all rigs on xp it works great, same with vister and a number of linux distos, so long as on linux i don't use an nvidia driver.
under win7, 8.1 and ten, if I switch from one machine to the other and then switch back, i lose the use of the keyboard and mouse and the screen switches to 800x600, SWEET!!!!! just exactly what i want after all these years and what I want to see on my high dollar monitors...........
now for the interesting part and the one that brings true joy to my soul.
if i plug another set of keyborad and mouse, into another pair of usb ports, (or even a montor) on each rig I can just hop back and forth from rig to rig and it's all happy and pretty and everything works just marvy....
this seems to me that it's an issue with dynamic device mapping.
am I correct?
does anybody know a software workaround?
am i just going to have to use 5 mice, 5 keyboards and 5 monitors to use one kit to run all 4 rigs?
OK! making A little headway.
if I plug my usb hub into a usb 2.0 port on any one machine and plug the usb cable from my kvm into that, that one machine works properly without a second keyboard, mouse and monitor plugged into it, the other three will not.
I guess I need to pick up a few usb hubs.
tried a usb drive in one and the usb hub in the other rig, no dice.
I have thrown dirt in my hair and torn my clothes to get this working and still no dice.........
have tried calling them nasty names, but just like dogs they don't speak the lingo.
tried many, many bad words.............fail....... epic...........
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I have never gotten a wired keyboard/mouse to work in W7 unless it booted with the hardware already in place. Unfortunately , I never tried it with any other Winders OS. I always thought it was a mobo issue. I could have told you about the profanity fail. I used every word in the book trying to get a KB to work plugging it in to a W7 rig after boot. I'm sure I strung them together in new and interesting combinations , too. :)
My wireless kit has always been plug and play , though.
the mouse and keyboard I am trying to use is wireless to the kvm.
I can plug it into any one machine and it is flawless.
I have had these on a fully wired kvm set up and it was fine.
now I cannot get them singing and dancing again through the kvm and I think it might have to do with dynamic device mapping and the kvms response to it.
I tried my old kvm and it acts just like this and is why I replaced it.
I have not tried my enterprise grade kvm but I think that is my next step.
more fun.
if I disconnect on machine and reconnect it, it will not pick up the keyboard and mouse but I will get video.
I have to shut all four rigs down, turn the power switch off on all four rigs and the start them all back up and then it will pick up the keyboard and mouse......
team viewer works great, I agree but I can't switch from one rig to the other without issues, eg; I have one folding in Linux, I switch to another rig, do some work, switch back to the folding Linux rig and the 970 is at 450 mgz and the driver has crashed.
many times on boot I can't get into bios, I may have to move the dongle from the kvm to a usb 2.0 port on the rig or have to shut all the rigs all the way down, turn off the psu power switches and then bring them all on line one at a time, yet if I plug a usb mouse, keyboard and a monitor into each one it all works fine.
and if I plug a usb hub into one it works fine, I only have one usb hub to play with but I guess i'll have to go buy a handful.........
I run 4 machines off team viewer...I just keep all 4 open and minimize when not in use.

I went into the options on team viewer and told it to load when Windows starts...lets me log in after a reboot. All of the machines are "headless" now.

If you are getting that crash while folding while using team viewer, reduce your overclock and/or increase the GPU voltage...that solved it for me.

Also, I bought a dongle off Amazon for like $20 or so that plugs into the hdmi port on the card...makes the card think it's plugged into a monitor and I can select all resolutions.

here is how I am having to run my file storage unit, the drive it sees is for the screenshot.
I only have to have the second keyboard and mouse attached, but it does not list the second mouse.


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tried my triplite kvm and it has the same issues under win 7 64 bit.
long searches on the interwebs comes up with me being right, it is win 7 64 bit and this dynamic device management and no known fix other than a usb device left plugged in.