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Win 95 Desktop, & WinXP Laptop networked?

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
A guy I work with has a VERY old destop PC with Win95 on it. He recently bought a DELL Laptop with XP on it. He purchased a wireless adapter for the Laptop, and a Wireless router. He's got the Destop machine run to the router with a network cable.

I have not been there to check it out yet. But He wants me to come over cause he can't get the two to see each other. I'm thinking he's got the workgroups as well as other thing's configured wrong and that's why. I'll get that figured out.

But I was wondering if I can setup ICS in win95 machine to share his 56K internet connection so both the Desktop & Laptop can be online at once? And if you go to get online from the laptop will it automaticly dial up the destop for internet access? I've never worked with win95 so I wasn't sure if it's possible or not with it. I know it is in XP but the Desktop with the modem is Win95.

su root

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Aug 25, 2001
Ontario, Canada
The ISC in windows 95 is pretty sad, if my memory serves me correctly.. it all has to be static addressing (IP), as DHCP isn't built in. I think it supports on demand dialling, but I don't remember.. (man, it's been a long time since I played around with that..). Most new laptops come with modems, it would probably be worth your while to use the newer modem on the newer computer, with the newer OS to do the sharing.