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Win and/or loose.

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Jul 17, 2003
It's that time of year when our house has lots of very minor power outages that don't even reset all of my clocks. I think that the last one killed my 1080 which brought down my main farm rig. Taking a 16t, 3080 and 3060 down with it. Yesterday I pulled the 1080 and replaced it with a brand new 3080. So now it's got 2 x 3080 and a 3060 folding. I think it's going well but it's too early to fully say. Bad news, storms are going to roll through my area later today. Who knows what will happen.

Anyone who thought I was out, is wrong but maybe right? Good luck to ya if you're near my point or ppd levels.
Man, that's terrible, but an upgrade? Awesome!

Maybe consider UPS' on these things. A couple hundo now versus several hundro for a new card seems like it's worth the investment for your case.

**sits in the fetal position rocking back and forth seeing lose(booze)/loose(moose) used improperly** :p :rofl:
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I am sad to say I need to shut down another PC...and am really inclined to shut down everything...Bill is $475 this month. (Just for these last summer months)
The monthly electric bill showed up here too...:whistle: I am 'voluntarily' scaling back production(wife didn't complain) and just maybe fold 1 week a month, or something like Friday 6pm to Sunday...until WUs finish.
Yeah. We all know that RL has to come first. Electric costs cash and cash is a finite resource for 99% of us. Take care of you and yours first and we'll be here when you're ready to get serious. jk. We'll be here for you active or inactive. Of course, we prefer active but we'll take smiling faces too. I mean, not for payment or anything but you know. Just to hang around with and all.

*Thank goodness I didn't make that awkward at all.*
I had to run out to our Road Department to replace a machine. Apparently some of the guys are busy removing trees from roads from a minor storm a few hours ago. That said, the real storms are rolling in now. Supposed to be high winds, rain and hail. We'll see. So far my rigs are producing nicely. Still too early to tell how much.
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**sits in the fetal position rocking back and forth seeing lose(booze)/loose(moose) used improperly** :p :rofl:
Then vs Than. That gets me nearly every time.