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WIN XP boot screen

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Dec 14, 2001
Under your desk:)
i have a friend who decided to change his windows xp boot screen....and now he can't start up the comp...it goes ot the boot screen and it restarts itself.....he can't boot in safe mode either...he can only get to the screen with all the options for booting....none of the options that he chooses work......

he asked me to post this cuz i don't have an answer myself as to how to either get rid of the boot screen or allow it to start up normally.....without formatting.....

anybody with experience with this is bound to have an answer so if you could please post it that would be great thanks a lot!!


Chainsaw Senior
Aug 19, 2002
Redmond, Washington
To change the boot screen, you have to edit which file? If it's any file he knows the location of, you should be able to use the recovery console to put back the original file and all should be well. You can find directions on how to use the recovery console online and they will tell you how to copy a file from the CD to the Windows foler you need.

Good luck



Gloriously Lead, Overclockix Chief Architect
Sep 26, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
what you can do is run the winxp setup disk and do a repair install. it will leave the os intact without having to reformat but it will replace any files that may be corrupted. i've done it a few times. by the way, that works well after you swap mobos... just for future reference...


Feb 26, 2002
There used to be a small cottage industry in Windows 2000 boot
up screens. People could load whatever bitmap they wanted.
Well, M$ decide that was not cool. You can imagine why? :D
Anyway, the whole chain is now encrypted so you can't do that.
XP is probably just like W2K in this respect. I don't know of
anyone who has managed to bypass this new system. :(