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win10 wakes itself up?????

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caddi daddi

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Jan 10, 2012
I have win 10, 1511, build 10586.633. asrock extreme 9, socket 1150 motherboard.
it wakes itself up every morning.
I have killed all the wake by options in the bios and they show they are staying killed
is there a setting in windows that is allowing this?
where might I go looking for this setting?
check your scheduled tasks

you can also open up command prompt and type powercfg -lastwake and see what it reports woke up the machine as well (I believe that's the command)
here's the result from the command line.


I'm trying to figure out what task scheduler is trying to tell me.
Hmm, that doesn't tell us much at all. I'd open up your task scheduler in windows and see if you see anything in there. You can also look in your windows event logs at the time the machine is waking up and see if anything is reported in there.

I assume the machine is waking up from sleep and not powering itself on from cold boot?
If you are using Sleep on your computer, just use Shutdown instead. Win10 doesn't need Sleep anymore.
Look at the Power Options>Change the Plan Settings>Change Advanced Power Settings. There are options for controlling wake up I believe under Sleep (Allow Wake Timers).
I shut it down with the power button, I run power in performance mode and select never in the options.
I am trying to figure out what task scheduler is trying to tell me, there are things listed in there.
Even looking in the system logs, you'll probably never find the reason. It's usually a driver related issue, so unless you know exactly when it started to occur after whatever driver you installed or updated, you may never find the errant wake problem. I had a sleep issue on my PC (two different motherboards/cpu, but all other hardware the same) that I tried to track down for months, but never could. Nothing would show in any Windows log at all. If I placed the computer to Sleep, it would wake up randomly. However, it's never awoken when shutdown. You may have your power button set to sleep instead of shutdown.
here's some weird stuff when I open task scheduler, I have to close about 20 of these.

t m.PNG

and all I find once open is adobe, msi and ccleaner, none are checked to wake computer to run.
t m 2.PNG
I seem to have made some headway, it now self boots at 10:06 pm instead of in the morning.........
Did you check your bios? I use Yamicsoft's Window (7,8,10) Mgr software to control all tasks. The built-in viewer shows next to nothing.
Image 001.jpg
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Does it happen when you have the network cable and all keyboards, mice, controllers etc unplugged?
I'll unplug everything from it tonight and try that.
I have an ssd to be replaced with an m.2 sata drive anyway.
ok, that's swapped (I should slap the snot out of the guy that put this together, all to pretty makes it a pain to upgrade.....) only things plugged in are the power cord and monitors.
with only the main power cable and monitors plugged it, 2 days that I have not caught it self booting, I'll give it a couple of more days.
Checking logs? When it happened to my PC, there were plenty of times I didn't catch it, as I also had the idle sleep timer set in Windows.
I have this same problem with my LGA1150 PC (with Windows 7). Wakes itself up between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. every day. My LGA775, LGA1366, and AM3 PC's never did this, no idea why LGA1150 does this...

Turned off wake on LAN/wake by LAN (because I've encountered some PC's before that were awoken by ACK requests over the LAN), turned off Wake Timers, unplugged the Ethernet cable entirely, but none of these things helped.

daily PC waking issue.jpg
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@Tech Tweaker, that's telling me that some device you have plugged into a usb3 port is causing your machine to wake up. What happens if you unplug all of your peripherals?
found it booted, keyboard, wireless mouse, network and monitor plugged in.
where do I go looking next?