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Windows 10 a new space hog?

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Jun 7, 2011
Unfortunately, a almost fresh Windows 10 install, and the download folder+ any user data is only around 7 GB including any backup stored on another partition. So this means, the OS itself is using about 37 GB data (including any program data), in a almost fresh installation. Try out this stuff on a phone or baby-table and you are gonna become space issues at some point... and this OS was made with use for very small devices in mind, so it should not be a space-leecher. Unfortunately, it seems to be a space leecher to me.

Now, how did this happen? Well, the basic OS was about 16 GB. Then i was updating the OS to Anniversary edition, and the new OS is about 15 GB. Now Windows had in mind... oh we got so much space left and so much joy sitting on the 950 PRO, so let´s just keep both versions of Windows on the drive forever. Basically i had a old Windows and a new Windows, 2 different OS in theory.

OK... now i tried everything i can in order to remove old OS but i was not "attacking" the folder directly. Those are critical system files after all, so Windows should execute a own management in order to remove it by using the cleaning-tool. Bu the problem simply is, Windows cleaning tool is not allowing it... i tried everything i can and am now out of ideas.

Any possibly helpful stuff is appreciated.
Run disk cleanup and select "previous windows installation(s)"

Or wait one month and it should remove it itself :)


Try this program http://download.cnet.com/Delete-Windows-old/3000-2094_4-76456045.html?tag=bc

Or try ccleaner and advanced options.

Take ownership of the folder, rename it and reboot.
Or try and murder the folder in command prompt.

Whatever works it will be windows security getting huffy about who has permission and ownership of sky drive or some other fun windows aspect.

Let the fun keep on rolling :clap:
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The cleanup failed on me, i was able to tag the old installation but Windows is not allowing it to be removed.

In general, Windows 10 anniversary + is one of the best OS MS ever created, but they are doing a excessive amount of "updating and changes" all the time... this OS is highly "under development" and this can be problematic at times because hog and compatibility issues is not uncommon when doing so much development.

But indeed interesting how a OS can go up and down in quality all the time: XP = good, Vista = bad, Win 7 = good, Win 8 = bad, Win 10 = finally good again (but just as i told, i never had any OS with such a high development pace... some new issues are hard to avoid).
Well I've thrown in some additional plans of attack on my original post.

Your not alone with disk cleanup failing to do the job.

Edit: you missed windows ME out that list... millennium edition was Microsofts finest joke yet :cool:
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Well, now i understand why the shops was selling the Win 7 PRO at a discount price, because this issue can be bothering.

MS will soon start to hand out updated Win 7 PRO DVDs who got the Anniversary update included, so no hogging anymore. But i had no other choice anyway, because the vendors are not going to hand out the updated DVDs as long as they still have a old copy in storage.

So it will take some time updating all the DVDs.

I´m not sure how to proceed at this point, have to think.
No1. show hidden files and folders.

No2. run check disk and fix any system errors.

No3. run command prompt administration and use the string
RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%\windows.old

Won't hurt to run dism commands why your having a windows fight and it's good after a major change to just check the install image.

Open command prompt admin

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth


DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth