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Windows 10 Alternatives for the Linux Beginner

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truest statement.
there are a number of projects i been getting information from, there are hundreds and hundreds of git sites with forks of fork of forks of basically the same projects but one person adds this, take that away, next person adds the thing back takes something else away, if all these guys just worked together and made one customizable config for the project that did everything they wanna do or didnt wanna and with the collective minds working together yeah it really wouldnt be that hard and it would make it way easier for someone who isnt quite as good as them (like me) to get the features i want. im learning and able to cobble together my stuff how i want it and im making it work but idk... /endrant lol

I just heard 10,000 devs quit when they read that statement. But then 15,000 took their place instantly so it doesnt really matter I guess! :)

I agree to a point, but I see that diversity as bringing alot to the table as well. If everyone was buttoned down into the same API (or whatever it would be) there might not be a whole ot of innovation. I have to admit I have run across the same kind of frustration though
The question of Linux support comes up time and time again but I really think it is time that Blizzard actuallty supported Linux. One of the big reasons that people didn't want to use Linux was the poor state of graphics drivers. This isn't an issue anymore. The drivers have massively improved and the major performance differences that some games still show are down to the lower quality wrapper-based ports rather than the native ports (like those Valve did for their games).
Linux Gaming is Almost here Fellas :D

Here is a vid from LTT that can tell you better than I can.

All I can add here is that the vid is spot on accurate. While I dont have a large Steam library, I do have all of it running.

One more thing: Ive never seen the Old Thread Warning before but makes you feel like a true Necromancer :D
I've been poking at this a bit and here is what I've found out/experienced: 1 of my games did require a small hoop to be jumped through.
Required :

1) trying to play the game and noticing that it did not work

2) looking the up the game in the Winehq database and the Lutris database to see if anyone else has had these issues

3) implementing the fix found there. In this case, I had to trick Wine into thinking it was a 32bit Windows system for that game. While not exactly point and click, it was no more work than fixing a Windows registry value or adding a new registry key.

Even though the gaming was not the main point of the thread, gaming is what keeps many folks from jumping platforms to a large habitat of IMO more pleasing operating systems. Because of that I am going to speak a little more indepth about the one game that didnt work "out of the box" with the steps outlined in the LTT vid and how I fixed them.

Game: Riff Racer
Problem: installed but crashed after opening. every time.
Steps for solution:
1) Try running Windows Steam client through Wine. Remember Wine basically makes a program/utility/game/whatever think it is in a Windows environment. So it is possible to run both Linux Steam and Windows Steam from the same rig. This may work for some games. but did not work for me. That is okay though, because this is (IMO) the least desirable solution, more of a lazy workaround/easy button that *could* work.

2) Check the WineHQ database for info on how this particular game runs under Wine. This page will give a quick rundown of any known bugs and if possible give an assessment of just how well the game/application/utility/whatever actually deals with Wine. In my case Gold. No problems here. But my game still isnt running so on to the next step.

3) I went to the Lutris Database/. No problems or solutions listed here. But there is a useful like to the Proton page for Riff Racer 0 down in the corner. As well as WIneHQ and Steam. Thanks Lutris :D

If you remember from the video, Proton is part of the magic that makes your Steam Library run so flawlessly in a Linux environment, and their page for this game has the largest amount of information about bugs as well as the solution. 9 reports. 8 of them report my same problem. the 9th directs to a reddit post/ that explains a workaround. And it did in fact fix the issue!

While there was a small number of hoops to jump through and some command line involved, I am certain that most folks have seen much longer and more complicated issues regardless of platform.

A quick word on just clanging commands from a random webpage into your terminal: dont. If you find yourself in over your head ask someone first. There are tons of forums and wikis that will explain just about everything, and if you are still stuck there is IRC for many distros and WineHQ and Steam as well.

Just my .02. Happy Gaming Guys, regardless of platform :D
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I have about 280 games in my steam library (give or take) and I think I only have about 30 of them that are completely busted. I have even revived a few of my favourite games and found a few new ones thanks to proton!
just out of curiosity how many of those did you have to pull out any acrobatics like what I described in post#46 ? +/- 10% ? No matter the percentage I am still pretty impressed with how much less painless the process has become for the Linux-illiterate or barely literate like myself.
There are ways to have a full pass through of a GPU from the host to a VM. Don't have any links. Saw it on YouTube. Chris Titus.

I'm just about to move off Winten. Looking at full functioning distros that just work out of the box. Liking Mint or Mint Linux Debian Edition.
If you want a gaming OS then Pop! OS is for you.
You can even get Pop! OS if you order from System 76.
I must tell you that I am not affiliated with them and don't want to market for them.

I have a system from System 76 and it has worked like a horse for two years.
And the OS is designed specifically for gamers if I am not wrong.