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Windows 10 files disappear after copying over via slave drive. permission damage

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Mar 4, 2004
San Diego, CA
So I must be missing some element here. Only have noticed this a few times while connecting a W10 drive as slave to another w10 system (or another w10 drive to a W7 computer (downgrade) or to W10 via a w7 computer because sata interface was faster).

I go to select all folders in a user profile (minus appdata) and copy them into a new user profile on a different w10 machine (replacing all/ merging folders). Everying appears to copy fine, but then none of the data is visible nor can be seen via showing hidden or system files. The free space on the drive never changes.

The only way to make the files appear has been via using the "take ownership" reg addin on the newly copied folders / rebooting / chkdsk and magically they appear out of thin air. The profile sometimes then explodes (start menu fail, other **** not working right) where I create a new profile and move the data and everythin is perfect. I have even ran into the source profile breaking aswell.

I feel like a W10 just should not be connected to another machine as slave or something goes bonkers on either end and dont know why.
Its not a basic user error thing where I'm copying the wrong profile or shortcuts or anything.
I do this with xp,vista,7,8 litterally almost every day of my life for the past 10 years with 0 issues
The best way to do this is copy to a regular data external first, then to the os machine.
Normally clicking on a slaves user profile and letting it gain access doesnt break the profile on the source.. wtf

One time I copied a w10 slave to another w10 slave via a Win7 computer (cause sata is faster than usb). I could see the data had copied 1:1 as expected, but when I plugged the new destination w10 drive into the laptop the data was not visible by any means(hidden files/free space). Took it out and plugged it into w7 machine again and there it is?! .. put it back in the laptop and gone?! only fooling with take ownership /chkdsk stuff helped.

What am I missing?