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Windows 10 Permission To Edit Files In Program Files & Program Files (x86) Folde

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Nov 15, 2010
Windows 10 Permission To Edit Files In Program Files & Program Files (x86) Folde

Windows 10 isn’t letting me edit and save files in these 2 folders on the C:\ drive, for some reason. For example, if I open a simple .txt file, make some changes/edits, and then try to save it, I get error messages about not having permission. This is my own personal computer I use at my apartment, so it’s not a work computer. This whole permissions thing that came out since Windows 7 has always been confusing.

I’d like to make Windows 10 let me do what I want, cos it’s my own computer. None of the supposed solutions I find online work for my situation, either because there’s buttons greyed out, my screens look a little different, or I just get more error messages. So, does anyone know how I can give myself the permissions I need to open a file, make changes/edits, and then save it? No matter what I try, I always seem to run into some kind of a roadblock.

Here's a few screenshots of the issues I’m having. Thanks.




Don't change the permissions on the whole drive. Run notepad as administrator, then open and edit the file. Permissions are restricted for security reasons. Even if your account is an "administrator", unless you explicitly run something as administrator, it does not run with administrative privileges (not 100% true, but simplified for an easy explanation).

Right click to get this menu:
2019-11-06 18_46_16-Window.png

If you are absolutely dead set on changing the permissions, change as little as possible. Either change the permissions on the single file, or the folder containing it.
Well, it would be easier to just double-click on the .txt file itself, make the edits, and then save. I'm the only one with physical access to this computer, so I'm not worried about someone else coming along and doing stuff. I'm the only one who lives here in the apartment, so I don't really see why I'd need to have it secured.
The permissions aren't there to stop someone physically at the computer. It's to stop programs from trashing the system or other programs.
Well, thanks for the replies. I'd rather just have it let me do what I want. After all, it's my own computer that I paid for and the data is all mine. I don't understand why the operating system on my own personally-owned PC shouldn't just let me do what I want.
Because most of the time a user should not be writing to the program files directory (that's an easy way for vulnerabilities and viruses to spread). If you want to do it, then save the file on your desktop then copy it there and replace. It will ask you to elevate and will allow it. Or as Thid stated, open notepad as admin, open and save the doc.

Or just don't save to these 2 folders, save your files to a new folder and you won't have this problem. For that matter, why are you saving to the Program Files & Program Files (x86) in the 1st place?
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