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Windows 10 stripdown

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Mar 12, 2002
Hey Y'all,

So I have a couple new workstations I am adding to my personal fleet.
I am looking to pull them back to their bare minimum config as far as windows as concerned.
I had a process back in 2019 found here https://www.overclockers.com/forums...d-and-information.762567/page-62#post-8130540
Now I am looking to get these machines parred down to a similar standard.

I have 2 units that were recently reimaged to resolve various issues, and now need to be setup.

Does anyone have a guide for thinning down a modern W10 install?


Jan 13, 2005
at my last job i used the windows 10 decrapifier: Spiceworks Link
maintained one system as base image, updating it from time to time and went from there. should work here.

i used switches -clearstart and -onedrive ant i gets rid of all the bloat and crap apps, keep in mind it does get rid of the camera "app" but its re-downloadable through the windows store and i only mention it in case you have a webcam you need to set up it does come in handy.

it was a life save and in a sense a money saver. it got rid of the start menu ads for all the crappy game thing they push and it also got rid of the windows mail app which may work with an O365 account but does not encrypt or function under O365 rules and may or may not have been HIPAA compliant. Even after telling the masses at work to quit using it they couldnt stop so we basicly forcibly removed it from the guts and left them with only one option that was as secure as we needed.