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Windows 7 Pro not detecting SATA drive connected after boot

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Mar 12, 2002
Title pretty much says it.
Ive been moving a bunch of files around on number of older disks I have here getting systems cleaned and so fourth.
Now the issue I am running into is that on my desktop(from signature) I have a SATA3 hot swap dock on the roof of my case which worked fine previously to connect a drive to after bootup.
The drive is detected after a restart without issues, but this is a hassle.
I am experiencing the same issue when connecting directly to power and a SATA cable directly to the MB as well.
So, the issue seems to be limited specifically to SATA drives connected after booting into windows.

I haven't changed anything in my BIOS in ages, so I have to imagine its something within windows.
I have reinstalled the OS a few months back so I suspect that is where my issue lies with a system service or something.
Any input on this topic would be appreciated.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
So in other words, the hotswap in not hotswapping. Correct?

Does the dock require a third party driver to be functional as a hotswap doc?

Have you checked Windows Update to see if there has been a malfunction in the update process? Windows 7 was notorious for having a broken update process, particularly when you update manually. And updating manually is something we typically do after a fresh install of the OS 'cause we don't want to or can't wait for the protracted auto update process to get all the updates in place, something that happened a little bit at a time over a period of years.


Mar 7, 2008
On the mobo generally you need to enable hot swap on SATA if you want it. Windows will then see drives as removable.

How is the dock connected? If SATA then same applies, but if e.g. USB then it shouldn't matter.


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Nov 11, 2001
look and see if the drive shows up in the disk management console


Has slightly less legible writing than Thideras
Mar 12, 2002
Thanks for the tips my friends.
So I managed to figure it out. Apparently I applied one of my saved overclocking profiles from the BIOS.
Spent some time reenabling all the stuff that was turned off.
Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 you have to go to SATA SB settings and enable ESP for each port you want hot swappable.

On that note now that I have a clean spare SSD I think I will drop Win10 on here and see how I feel about it.
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