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Windows 98 se handles 2 sound cards very well.

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Feb 24, 2001
Well I have a Creative Ensoniq sound as my reguler sound for DVDs because it can run the dolby sound..well I install an ISA Soundblaster 16 because the Ensoniq cant power my JBLpro speakers..but the SB 16 can perfectly...I have my sony earbuds hooked into the ensoniq..ok like i said before my SB 16 runs my jbl speakers...Check this out

When I bring up winamp it will play on the Ensoniq, Which has it own progy for adjusting the volume..well then windows will start using the SB 16 for its own sounds for like my lara croft themes also any other progys that i bring up that want access to a sound card run out the SB 16..on thier OWN! unless I set them to use the Ensoniq specificly..then they will have no sound.

So here is what Im try ing to say I can have winamp playing into my Ensoniq with my ear buds...well say I bring up Quake 3..it will auto maticly take to teh SB 16...So while Im listing to the sound track for the fast and the furious( that i rippied), Im also keeping pace with the Quake 3 sound effects. But say I close out winamp then Q3 will take control of the Ensoniq...cool huh?
and with all of my other progys. Ill post a screen.


This also works vice versa..I hope I explained this okay.