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Windows Media Center on Windows XP

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c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
It cost $10 from Microsoft for Windows Media Center 8 bonus pack for my Windows 8 retail when it came out.
I still have it, but in case something goes wrong, I'd like to be able to reboot from Windows 8 into Windows XP in two seconds and record a show if I feel like it and if something is wrong with my Windows 8 partition.

This is for the TV guide only, not for playing media.
It is next to impossible to find a working TV guide for some tuners, which would both display a TV show and record it.

Of course Microsoft is no longer selling the $10 Windows Media Center for Windows 8, let alone having any downloads or DVR programs for Windows XP or Windows 8 or Windows 10.

So my question is what is the name of the file that installs Windows Media Center onto Windows XP?
Is that file still available on TechNET or MSDN, they used to officially host discontinued Microsoft products.


Folding for Team 32!
Feb 18, 2007
I always thought the only way to get Media Center on XP was to purchase "Windows XP Media Center Edition"... which is Windows XP Professional bundled with the media center application and a new theme, Royale. I think it also shows 2005 in system properties instead of version 2002.

Never heard of anyone installing just the "Media Center" part of it on top of XP Home or Professional. I bet it can be done! Might require some registry tweaking. May also just be more trouble than its worth.

Really interested to see how this pans out for you.

EDIT: http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/thr...05-onto-windows-xp-pro-home-server2003.49300/

^That might save you some time!