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Windows XP... dead twice now.. help?

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May 26, 2002
Ok.. this is the second time I've had this problem.. The first time i formatted and it worked for like a month.. now its back again.. heres the problems..

First time-.. loaded halfway through the load screen on windows XP pro, bluescreened for a split second.. and restarted... repeated like this indefinately... safe mode would not work. Diagnostic found NTFS file structure problems. Reformatted, it worked for a while.

Second time- loads halfway through the load screen on windows.. again... this time the bluescreen stays. Talks about possible driver errors, possibly updating my BIOS, also tells me to go into windows to fix all this, but cant get past this screen :).. Safe mode wont work.. used the Windows XP Recovery utility.. CHKDSK found no errors on the drive.. HD diagnostics found no errors, tried failsafe BIOS settings, and still wont load into windows......

I'm fresh out of ideas... if anyone wants the error code, I can get it.. searched for it on Windows.com and found nothing in their support database... only thing that came close was the first 5 digits matched some other error that had to do with a SBLive! sound card.. which I do have.. but the error was different...

If anyone has any helpful input to what the problem could be, whether hardware or software, or any suggestions to fix it whether small or large... please tell me, I'll try em, cus.. I'm gonna format anyway....

oh btw.. 0 viruses found.... and i scanned and updated my virus checker twice a week..(full drive scans).. Norton 2002
the most helpful information you could add is what the second line on the blue screen, something like:
.. etc.

If it's saying something about drivers and BIOS, you can try flashing your BIOS to the newest image, and updating all of your drivers.

What was the last thing you did before it started bluescreening you? Did the Last Known Good Config work?
Yes. Try removing all nonessential cards (and drives if you feel like it) and see what that does. If you've got more than one RAM slot filled, try running with only one or switching them around or both. If you've got spare parts lying around, change out the CPU, Hard Drive, RAM, Video Card, SOund Card one at a time to see what happens. Presumably, the hard drive would fix your problems as it would probably be a fresh install of Windows, so make that your last resort. It'll take a while to sift through the possible problems, but if you can save yourself the hassle of backing up and reformatting and then throwing all your old stuff back on just to fix it again in a month, I'd say it's worth it.

tried swapping the vid card, and the sound card.. nothing doing..

theres really no error line

all it says is STOP :: then gives the error code..

the BIOS is on failsafe settings right now... still not working... so.. I donno


Just swapped the RAM chips around.. still nothing.. dont have a spare CPU to play with, and already tried swapping the other cards.. i'm gonna remove the sound card and ethernet card completely and see what that'll do..
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