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Windows XP & Win 98 v2 NETWORKING ?

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Dec 21, 2000
Planet X
Hi OC'S well im trying XP pro for the first time

I have a network of 3 pc's in my home.

2 of them are on win98v2 (& still working fine network wise)

the other has a fresh install of XP pro, cant seem to get the XP pc
too see the other 2 pc's hence my 3 pc network is now nonfuntional !!

Im on a cable conn. (mediacom)
Using LYNKSYS T100 nic cards, on all 3 pc's
and a lynksys hub wich then conects to the cable modem
I pay for 3 IP'S as well

does anyone out there have a straight foward guide to networking win98v2 OS & win XP pro OS ???

also another note i have to load lynksys drivers for my win98 pc's
to create the network, but the XP i did not because @ lynksys sight it sayes XP OS has the drivers for my nic card already

also the XP machine found its way to the internet without me having to set up anything or run any mediacom config tool

aaaaaa im lost I KNOW THE answer to this is simple & im probly making it way worse with all this extra information lol

Also make sure the IP's are sequential and that the subnet masks are the same.

You also need to have user accounts on the computers for all the other computers.

i.e. If you log on to Computer1 and Computer2 as different usernames then you need to have accounts for it on the opposite machine.
try using static ips: 1st computer:
2nd Computer:
3rd Computer:

and are you using TCP/IP or NetBui?
because Windows XP uses TCP/IP by default, check the WIN98 computers if they are using TCP/IP too
From my own network I found that XP has to have the SAME protocols installed that the 98 machines do. I had ipx/spx installed on my 98 box and it could'ntsee the xp boxes or vice versa until we installed ipx/spx on the xp boxes.

Did some research on this and found that was the problem.