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WindowsXPPro network question

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Feb 26, 2002
Have any of you observered that you can modify an network
connection while it is not even connected, the changes all
"take" and look good, but the next time you boot they go back
to the original settings.

In other words connection setting changes don't survive a reboot.

I have observed this on three different XPPro boxes with SP1 at
three different sites. What gives?


Feb 26, 2002
I have been setting up DSL systems for friends and a couple of
businesses. The XPPro machines install just fine, but in this area
we had a problem with our automatically assigned primary DNS
server being not reachable due to a bad config on Ameritech's
part. Two machines in the path to the DNS server were ping-ponging
until the TTL expired. This caused way slow web surfing.

So I thought I'd just hardwire two IPs for the time being. Ameritech
even suggested this and gave me two DNS servers to
use. I modified the primary DLS connection setup to use these
IPs and it all seemed to work fine, but on reboot somehow the
original auto setting came back and I got the bad DNS server again.

I don't know what causes this, but the "help" desk suggested I
just make a new connection. This works, but even if I set it as
the default the connection falls back to the original.

I think the problem is the SBC connection manager, but they
claim it's just "one of those XP things.



Nov 6, 2002
remove the connection manager and see. I bet it's trying to reassign everything upon startup.

an "xp thing"??
that's funny.

of course most connection software is not required. I one time uninstalled one program because it borked the internet in xp with it, worked fine without