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Winter Storm!

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Jul 17, 2003
For some of you, I'm late to bring this up. In the Great Lakes region, we will start to see the storm in about 2 hours. Be safe. We already canceled our Christmas celebration for weather and other reasons. Some family is too ill to leave thier own home. Some would have to drive for about an hour on roads that could be too slick to risk it. The wife is making our Christmas dinner now and will take some to elderly family. Early as to reduce exposure to a storm that is heading towards us. We just had our fireplace fixed and cleaned so, if we find proper firewood, we may fire it up for the first time ever for us. We'll sit around eating good food, drinking bad wine and watching TV as conditions allow. As long as Comcast stays up, I can run my Plex server, our smart TV and our furnace so.... Cozy and warm.

I moved my portable generator to it's working location. I started it up and let it run for a few minutes. I then tarped it up so that when it snows, it will be clear of snow along with the immediate area around it. I placed a lot of bricks on the tarp so that when the wind kicks up... well.... they may become a hazard or they'll keep the tarp in place. We'll see which.

I have a full tank in the generator = 10 hours of run time. I have a nearly full can of gas = another 10 hours of run time. My snow blower has a full tank and my cars are fully fueled. I can run my furnace and half my house for those 10 hour stretches as needed. We know from past power outages that our water heater will keep water warm enough to bathe for a few days without power. I can switch over power to the water heater to fully heat it up in about 20 minutes maybe. That would shut down the rest of the house but if needed... totally worth it.

I will NOT be folding if we are on the generator.

For us, we will get the storm, then maybe the cyclone storm? We also get lake effect as I live close enough to Lake Michigan. We could see some snow. While I am on vacation, I just got the notice that my work will be closing at 1400 (2PM for my civilian friends.) so that everyone can get home safe. With the Holiday starting tomorrow, not much was going to get done anyway so they may as well close up shop.

So a lot of words on how I am prepared but the point is to make sure that you are prepared. Stay well, stay warm. Be full and be happy.

Oh. For those that haven't seen (Thanks WhitehawkEQ) Holdolin has really got a great run going. HOLY COW! Our top 3 ppd earners are really making us look gooooooooooddddddddd...... (read: good but in a silky smooth voice.).
Hope you and everybody else are safe for the Holiday.

This storm isn't going to do much in SE PA , just cold. When the cold hits on Friday the rain will have stopped. Hope everyone is where they need to be as the Pendot crews will be working double time to get roads salted. Gonna be icy till things dry up...Looks like nothing but Sun for the next 10 days after that.

The most interesting thing I did last year was add a sub panel to make room for a 50A Generator. A 30' cable connects the house inlet to the Gen with a required lockout on my Main breaker. I can run anything I choose but not all at once. As it does about 11K Watts off Propane I only plan to run it on Propane (Shelf life 20 years). Tho I could run it on gasoline in a dire emergency. I have 2 40 Gal propane tanks for it. They can run it for 4 days or so as my house (Minus Hot water, HVAC and PC's) only put a half load on the Gen (about 6500 watts). It could run for another week off gasoline. My heat can be taken care of with my Propane fireplace with its own 100 Gal tank. Plus a couple spare electric heaters.

We worry less about survival and more about boredom with power for the TV , FIOS works even in power outages.:D

I get a kick out of knowing I can go off grid. :cool:
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You make a great point about the "lockout" on the mains. If you feed power to your home during an outage, you do NOT want to backfeed into the grid. The last thing you want is to zap a lineman who is trying to restore power. I too have a specialized box that isolates my generator from the mains on a circut by circut basis. Each circut on my box has Main/Off/Gen. Once I fire up my generator, I head over to my distribution box and flip the switch from main to gen. Power on that circut is then removed from the main keeping workers outside of my house safe.
It's going to be cold AF here in middle Ohio... worse in other places fo sho. My kerosene heater is full along with the can, generator was tested and gas can full as well. Got enough rations to last till spring..... though, I may be short on some booze by then. :rofl:

Stay safe, peeps!

I will NOT be folding if we are on the generator.
I bet Hayesk or Whitehawk would............. :bday: :escape: :rock:
Currently heating the house with 42 NVidia GPU folding, 750Ti-3080Ti, and hoping we don't lose power here. 23F outside, 20F low forecast. AC systems off and using the blowers to distribute the GPU heat. The central heat is electric, but has not used in years.

My house is not designed for freezing weather. Water is off and pipes drained. Was about 70F when I brought the potted plants inside this afternoon.
Its 0-dark30 and I have the watch. Wind is playin hell with the power grid so I woke up to half my plant down as the UPS that powers the modem and half my plant apparently has a dead battery. Everything is back up now, most importantly the coffee maker. Gonna be a loong day. Good to the last drop? more like good to the last pot LMAO :coffee:
So my window screens are fully loaded with snow. I can barely see outside. Where I can look outside, the lawn has bare spots but it is snowing and blowing. I may *may* try to clear the drive just for something to do. Maybe. It is light out but lake effect snow clouds are keeping the light muted. Oh well.

No power issues for us so happy days. I hope that you all make it though in great shape.
Weather app (Wunderground) shows -6F here in Cbus Ohio (negative something or other, lol)... winds 28 MPH gusting to 50-60... I couldn't open windows on one side of my house due to blowing snow. Supposed to get even more windy now... still have power too... internet... fingers crossed.
Lost power for 20 minutes about 3 hours ago for about 10 minutes...Went out again 45 minutes ago. Decided to go ahead an lay out the Gen Power cord and get the Gen ready to go, so even if the power went back on, it would be ready. Usually it takes the 3rd outage before it lasts.

Did not come on so we have been on propane for the last 30 minutes. I messaged a couple of neighbors to let me know when it comes back on. If it wasn't so noisy from the wind I could hear the one neighbors Generac shut off.

Rain wasn't that bad.... when it stopped we got a bare dusting of snow...not even enough for a white Xmas. Cold is setting in.

Needless to say my fah is down. :(
For real. We lost power a couple hours ago and it looks to be a while before they get it back up. Needless to say I’m not folding lol.