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WinXP USB boot with out F keys?

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Jan 13, 2005
ok i am working on a stupid project but if it works it'll be amazing because i'll have saved my self alot of money and effort in getting an big old crappy laptop running windows XP and instead of running it on a cheap 5 or so year old chromebook that, lets face it, is smaller faster and uses less power than an xp era computer.

i'm almost there, i got legacy boot enabled on the CB and i created a working USB flash drive with XP on it and it sees it all just fine HOWEVER i cannot select any of the usb boot menu options because they use function keys and a CB has none. none of my extra keyboards are seen by it but it still could be a possibility since ones a power hungry mechanical keyboard and the other is one of those logitech wireless nonstandard ones with a touchpad on the right that works within chrome but not on legacy boot apparently (which is odd because it does on other systems?)

what are some other options to create a bootable XP installer that does not use function keys for the CMD style menus?
regular numbers are ok, auto booting into the installer is fine too. i used n lite to get rid of stuff i wont be using and make it smaller and made the iso. i'm currently using winsetup from usb 1-10 and it uses function keys for menu selections. i'm looking through the options but not finding anything to change that

any ideas?

just dug out the most generic wired logitech usb keyboard i could find and its the same story
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Can't be done.
Need to nlite all your drivers first and burn the .iso to a disk and run unattended.