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wire 80mm fans in series? (OT)

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Jul 21, 2001
I have a 15V 1amp dc power supply (wall wart) and I was wondering if I could hook up two 80mm case fans to it in series so that the fans would not spin so fast (less noise). Would this work ok? Thanks! The application is to cool an amplifier.
Ideally you'd get about 7.5 volts going to each fan. I'm not sure if you'll be able to get enough amps out of that PSU though. I don't know how much current those fans draw.
First of all make sure that the power consumption of the fans is equal or in the same range. The fan wich draws the most power(rated highest current) will have the highest voltage. Why don't you put the fans in parallel and equip them both with a rheostat? Your PSU is 1 amp so you have more then enough power to do that. You can also put in 1 rheostat to control the voltage for both fans. In that case you need a Rheostat that can dissipate 2-5 wats, but you are sure that both fans get excatly the same voltage. Hope this helps.