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Wireing a switch with a LED!!!!!!!!

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Mar 11, 2002
OK this is my switch Red Illuminated Rocker Switch ON-OFF SPST the switch will work [email protected] but how do i hook it up so the led is lit up when the light is on????


this is a pic of the switch


ok off the light there is 2 gray wires goting to a box and affter that there is a yellow and a black i dont know how to wire it is i dont want to use the wround wires ;)
hope i gave anuff info for you to help out thanks
danial smith
In general those switches use a shared ground for the light and the switch, one side has the + for the light, the other is for one end of the switch, the middle is usually used as the - ( negative ) because the light needs it to be there. at least thats how it is with mine.

Might be wrong, but if you got it from RadioShack, then look at the back of the packaging
it depends on what you want to use it for?

but if it is 12v and the LED is 12v also then the center is the negative and run a loop from the two outside two and then connect the positive up to that then when the switch is on the LED will be lit. only if the LED runs off 12v
I had this porblem, but it was fairly easy to fix once I got out the miultimeter. LEDs have very high resistance, so you need to solder the LED in paralell with the light.