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Wireless, 5.1 headset, with mic

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Jan 30, 2008
Just as the title says, I'm looking for a wireless 5.1 headset, with a microphone. Now, I by no means am an audiophile. I have 2.1 out of a crappy 5.1 Creative speaker set from like 3 years ago for speakers, and currently a Turtle Beach Earforce X1 headset, and both sound ok to me. So I don't need anything amazing. I just can't find all 3 components in a headset. Wireless, 5.1, microphone. It's like, pick 2 out of 3. Can't find one with all 3.


Jul 13, 2008
Portland, Oregon
I think this has everything you're looking for.
Nowhere in the article does it say anything about 5.1 surround, but the page before it says that they're all certified 5.1 surround headsets (http://www.dolby.com/consumer/understand/enhancement/dolby-headphone.html)

*edit* Just re-read the page and it says "sets a new benchmark for two channel surround sound headsets." I'm not sure if they mean two channels as in there are just two cans, OR 2.0 audio instead of 5.1...


Mar 11, 2010
Do yourselves a favor guys.

#1. Don't buy wireless unless you really, really think you need it.
a. It ramps up the cost of the headset anywhere between 50 to 100+ bucks
b. Don't forget that you need to buy batteries, and even if you buy rechargeables you have to buy a rechargeable battery adapter.
c. No matter what, the sound quality will be slightly less inferior due to unshielded electronics near your rig.

#2. Don't buy a headset with a built in microphone.
a. This also makes the headset more expensive and often times, the ones with built in microphones are inferior to those of equal value without.
b. Buy a screen mounted mic/webcam. Cheaper that way and you won't have to worry about the mic breaking and needing to return the entire headset.
c. I am assuming you are going to use TS or Vent for the mic, and they transfer audio through some of the most "primitive" servers around. You won't sound good over those no matter what.

#3. Just buy a pair of headphones!
a. Or earphones if your ears get hot.
b. Plenty of 5.1 headphones exist that are of much higher quality than any 'gaming' ones (besides maybe the A40's...) around and are either cheaper or on par in price.

I have a pretty long list of good headphones by price range saved to a picture on my HDD. I will post it when I get home from work.


Mar 11, 2010

Even those $240 Astro headphones don't compare to a nice set of Grados or the like...

I have a pair of Astro's.

They do a pretty good job to be totally honest with you. The number of wires you get (literally enough for every single connection imaginable) and the modular connection is great. Plus the newest model can work with consoles correctly now, finally. But that said, I have a few gripes with them. If you have long hair, you are always going to be in pain when you take them off because of the way the cans spin on their axis. On the other hand, their MixAmp is boss as hell. If you are really, truly stingy about your headphones but are going to use them to game then buy that MixAmp if you have the cash and then buy a mic to put one of your monitors or desk.