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Wireless network and WINXP

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Aug 9, 2001
The Motherland
I am using a Netgear MA101 wireless hub on windows XP and the ping rate every minute for a fraction of a second is shooting up. This doesn't cause too much trouble surfing the Internet but when playing games over the Internet it is causing a major problem.

I have a Netgear ME102 wireless access point to the network downstaires which is connected to the internet.

I was running under Win 2K and it was fine. I have all the latest drivers and updates.

Any ideas
That's a USB hub correct? That may explain your problem. USB is horrible as far as I'm concerned for networking. I've got one machine on a netgear USB ethernet adapter and file transfer speed is FAR less reliable and MUCH slower then when I was using an NIC in the PC. I would'nt recomend USB networking to anyone.
The only reason I use it in one of mine is the Motherboard in that PC is junk. None of the PCI slot's work. Only the AGP. So to network it for now I had to get a USB adapter. Just till I get around to buying a new motherboard (Even though it's been a few month's now). It's only really used for my wife's schooling so it's not that much of a priority to me or her as long as it's working.
I havent been able to find any. I get terrible transfer speed's with my USB ethernet adapter. I also lose the network connection after a short period of time if I try any sort of file transfer. It get's pretty annoying. Only thing it's really any good for is sharing my cable internet connection. Other then that it's junk!