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Wireless network components.

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sHape oF gReY

Jul 6, 2003
On the firing line.
Ok here is the deal. MY neck of the woods is finaly getting a DSL provider and I'm looking into getting it. But the problem is im a coplete n00b when it comes to networking, so I thought I'd turn to you guys for help in some things.

I have a few questions concerning the components I need to set this up, because I have 4 computers that need to be able to access the internet thru that one DSL line, and I need it wiresless cause they're all over the hose and I dont want to be trippin over wires all the time :D .

1. Should I get a switch or a router to connect the DSL line to and the destribute to the rest of the machines, and what is a good brand of switch/router?

2. Wiresless NICs...whats a good brand/model?

3. What kind of security measures should i take? Upto this point I've been on dial-suck and I didnt really have to worry about attacks cause i didnt have a static IP and wast connected all the time, and that is hopefully about to change.

4. Is that all i need? Switch/Router and 4 Wireless NICs?

Any info would be much appreciated.


Apr 18, 2001
Houston, Texas
1) if you're going wireless grab a wireless cable/dsl router. i'd try to get one with a 4 port switch also. like this one.

2) i always stick to netgear or linksys. usually netgear for nics and linksys for router, but im just weird. you'll probably want 802.11g instead of 802.11b. 802.11g is a bit faster and i think it has longer range.

3) im no expert, but with the router you'll be running behind NAT. as far as i understand it is really hard for hackers to find ports open to any of your computers when doing this. been running isdn and cable for years behind nat, havent had a problem yet. (that i know of =P)

4) 4 nics and router is all you need. keep in mind, if a computer is in the same room as the router, save yourself some money and hardwire it. normal nics run 10$ or so while wireless is 50ish.