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Wireless network

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Nov 24, 2006
I'm aware that with a wireless connection you are only able to send or receive date at one time whereas with a wired connection you can send and receive at the same time. Is there a way to setup dual wireless cards so you can send and receive data at the same time? I might be interested in trying it, but was really just wondering if it is even possible. Gaming on DSL is not fun, but hopefully the powerline networking kit I ordered will help out quite a bit. Anyway, thanks for your time and help. Have a good one!



Mar 18, 2015
This article says that while full duplex is not possible there is an emulated full duplex available called Time Division Duplexing.

from the article:
TDD emulates full-duplexing by setting up or dividing time periods that alternate between transmission and reception. Data packets flow both ways as dictated by the time divisions. By chopping these time periods finely, devices connected this way seem to be transmitting and receiving simultaneously

This was interesting for me to read because I had thought that full duplex became available for wireless with the rise of the smartphone. I guess I didnt check the date on the article though.

I am interested in this topic as well. Post back with what you find :)