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Wireless network

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Dec 1, 2001
New Jersey
How much is the difference between a wireless network and a network that does have wires? I mean speed. Is it a lot?


Jan 31, 2002
North of Boston, MA
well I think wireless is still only about 11mbs/second while a simple wired network with 10/100 nics and hub/switch will run at 100mbs/sec. once again real world performace can very. I've been looking into a wireless setup but it's still not cost feasable in my mind.


Dec 18, 2000
Assuming we are talking about 802.11b; for general surfing, wireless is pretty good. With one client, throughput is similar to a wired 10T network. However, with multilple clients, the bandwidth is shared, thus with 10 users, it can get pretty crowded.

The bandwith is more than enough for small LAN parties (up to 5-6 clients), playing on-line games and for multiple users surfing the web there is no/little slowdown.

If you want to transfer large files, go wired, 100T.

For 802.11a, then we are talking somewhere half way between 10T and 100T. Thus you can stuff a lot more users on the network without much slowdown

Bluetooth is most suitable for in-room sharing, but it is slow and limited to LOS.

Hope this helped; consult www.practicallynetworked.com
for more information



Super Shark Moderator
Aug 13, 2001
Deep Blue Sea (Maryland)
as a user of both wired & wireless network, i will give u some of my experience.

i have setup a wired & wireless network in my home.

cable modem -> Linksys wireless AP & Router + 4 ports Switch

wireless side -> go to 3 machines that's in three different room 'bout 25'-30' away.

wired side -> go to a Linksys 5 ports Switch -> connected to 3 other machines.

w/ all those machines, u could bet on i'll move files around all the time. (backup, install, storage, etc.)

and i could tell u, if it's only for simple surfing, etc. wireless is more than enough as even for most boardband is limited to 'bout 1MB or so. but just don't expect u'll get the full 11MB bandwidth even for just 1 user is connected!! it will not happen!! i'm hopping around 2-5.5MB most of the time. and also never, never expect those so called max. range on the box!! u'll be lucky if u coudl get half of the distance unless ur house is one big room!

if u'll ever need to move big chuck of files around or such. nothing beat wired network!! it's just much much faster (100MB all the time regardless how many user, if u r using a switch)!! u could definitly tell the difference!!

always go w/ wired whenever u can! it's much much faster, and much much cheaper. but if running/fishing cable between rooms or all over the house isn't an option, then go for the wireless. just don't expect u'll get a lot out of it tho.