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With fridge should I seal?

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Oct 1, 2002
Seattle, WA
I am going to be hooking up my latest water cooling system with a fridge and the water will be pretty cold. Do I need to seal the motherboard and stuff? I know a site on how to do it but is it nessceary?;) :cool:
I certainly would anytime the block has a chance of dropping below room temp.
No I am selling my radiator and just keeping my resivor on the fridge. Question to thoughs that have fridges. What do you guys use to stop the water from freezing? I think will put in a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze in my water but what do you guys use and what ratio?
Big_Baller868 said:
No I am selling my radiator and just keeping my resivor on the fridge.
I sincerely doubt that this will cool the water sufficiently. You may not need a fan, but I'm pretty certain that you'll need a radiator.

Think of it this way... even a big hunk of copper with a powerful fan on it makes a poor heatsink. For it to work properly, you need surface area (fins.) The same holds true for watercooling.
Well if the water is already below freezing in the moderitly sized resivore and the water isnt being pumped at 300 gph... It think that will keep it cool enough. lets hear from some people that have tryed this? radiator or No radiator? that is the question...and the one up 2 posts...
Ok this should actually be in extreme cooling...
You wont have to insulate at all considering your water temps will just keep climbing.A res has no surface area and will not be cooled by stagnent air.Even if you add a fan it wont work.
Add a radiator...still wont work.The evaporator will most likely also lack surface area.Alot of heat transfer mediums here..

What you do is drop the evaporator into your resivour.
By the way, I have used a chest freezer to chill water.Never worked right until I designed a heat exchanger.By then I wasnt even using it anymore.

Also if this is a minifridge, dont get your hopes up.Most of these things cant handle much.
yah, using a fridge you DEF want to insulate your block - well. i did a **** poor job of insulating my block before and i was getting condensation still. luckily i caught it, and now i have my thing insulated very well with no probs.
Big_Baller868 said:
What do you mean by the evaporator?
Two components of phase change cooling systems, (fridges and air conditioners) are the evaporator and the condensor. The evaporator is the part that gets cold inside the fridge. The condensor is the coils on the outside of the fridge that radiate the heat into the air.
Yep, if this is a puny little minifridge usually it is a aluminum tray.Some of them are even just aluminum pipes with fins ont hem. (usually the older ones that are better)

Hopefully your not talking about a new R134a minifridge...