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with out being stupid what is a ok cpu temp

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Mar 24, 2002
got my +1700 at 1.700g..lol..but wondered bout temps..trying to bring vcore down to bring temps down but do i have a problem here??ible@44c full@49-50c
using dragon orb 3..i know ill right ...find me something that look sas good and works as ok as it ..looks nice with my uv cold cathodes...lol:)
I bought my Volcano because it looked good too. My temps now are at 32.5C idle (board is at 25C -ambient is upper teens) and get up to 36.5C after 50 rounds of arithmetic burn in w/ Sandra2002 @100%. Not bad, I'd say. I'm using an 80mm air-hole with a 38CFM 80mm above the CPU, though, and I have a 92 pushing down on the chipset and AGP. Lots of air moving, not a lot of hot air in the case.

I would shoot lower if I were you. I battled mine down from 49C under load, and you should too. I'm going to be rheobusing/DD5ing my box soon to control noise and the temps. Fans get loud, so look for some quiet alternatives if you're thinking of modding the case for new fans.

What does the rest of your case look like? What kinds of fans are you using and what kind of case? Where are the fans?
got a double fan suck hole in front .. both 80's ..got a 90 on top blow hole .. and got a 90 in back blowing .. plus i have ps fan blowing.3 blorbs on chipsets with glow in dark dots on fins..looks nice with my uv cold cathode.. my case temps are 26c im gonna check bout 15 passes with sisandra ill get back to you
Sounds to me like you have more air going out than into the case. Try reversing/re-placing (as in placing fans in a different area in the case) fans to get a little positive pressure going. Make sure you have proper airflow over the motherboard, esp. the processor. My case has a lovely hot spot in the area at the back where the PS/2 and serial connectors are. Since the processor and AGP and Chipset are all right there on the edge, I had to eliminate this. I found about -2C from reversing my blowing 80mm here. Unfortunately, this had undesirable effects elsewhere. My temps were quite high until I cut my duct/suck hole above the CPU. When I did this, it took my temps down 5C with duct, 7C with 38CFM 80mm.

If your case temps are as low as they are all the time with your current setup, you might seriously consider getting rid of the pretty orb. As much as I like the looks of it, I think you should look for other cool coolers...there are a few.

Look at this overclockers article "Heatsink Roundup" for some ideas. Since this article came out, there have been a few other coolers introduced...the AX-7 wasn't covered and neither was the Volcano 7+ just to name the two that come to mind. You could always get out your spray-paint and color a fan to match your scheme in-case.

Glow in the dark stickers sounds like a cool idea, by the way.
I just checked out the article again, and it looks to me like I told you wrong. It does include the AX-7 and Volcano7+. They're both at the top, too. Do check this article out, though. It's a great guide.