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Wonder where I can find an office watercooler...would be great form my comp!

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Jan 4, 2001
Northern VA
I got some water from the water cooler at work today. As I drank the cold water, I realized "Its not refridgerated in the resevior on top...its chilled from room temp to quite cold very quickly."

I'm not sure exactly how they function, but when you get water from a good water cooler, its very cold, and it is cooled as it come from the resevior to your cup.

Wouldn't it be great to get a water cooler and run water lines through it? That would take the place of a radiator or bong perhaps in keeping you water cool for your water cooling system. Wonder where you can get one! I'm sure they're pretty expensive, and I'm sure older ones aren't that reliable....and probaly don't cool as well....

Seems like a good idea though.
I've looked at the water cooler at work a few times and tried to figure a way to walk out with it while no one's watching.
Seriously though i don't think it would chill the water fast enough. The water in a cooler runs down out of the bottle into a resevoir in the machine where it's held and slowly chilled using a phase change cooler like a fridge. Don't think they are rated for a continous flow but just a cup full every few minutes. You can confirm this by filling up a large bottle from your cooler, the water is not as cold as if you take a cup full.
Im pretty sure there is a small resevior inside the water cooler that cools the water sitting in it with some kind of pelt system. I dont think it would continously cool water. Try filling up a gallon jug then see if the water is still cool.
Cut a hole in the top and glue a bong cooling tower on top. The bottles are PVC, so PVC pipe glue with a bushing would work. You would need a pretty powerfull pump to run it, but it would look good and probably perform very nicely.
I think the companies that supply the water rent them out when you buy a "subscription" for the water. Not sure you can buy them, sort of like a vending machine.
I need to go home and take a nap, I am starting to get more ideas for this thing....
Check with Culligan and other bottled water companies for damaged units that will function but cannot be used for a paying customer. Tom Leufkens has good article at his Site on the basics of how to use one.