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Wondering about Arctic Silver's II strength

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Jun 14, 2001
Athens - Greece
I have a TNT2 M46 which gets really really really hot after an hour of quake2 or any other game. I have an old sink with a nice fan from my pentiumMMX. It's kinda big and would be perfect for my card. But will some Arctic Silver II be able to hold it in place? I'm afraid that it may fall of and if this happens then it 'll be fried faster than a burger would in any fast food :).
plz help me!

PS: sorry about the two posts, I must have clicked the button 2 times...
Umm, isn't Arctic Silver II thermal grease? I'm pretty sure it is and that wouldn't hold anything. Try rigging some sort of physical holder or just get a slot cooler and put it right below it.
if u want to hold something together you need the as2 epoxy, not the regular grease.
or you will have to rig up some kind of clamp if u feel the epoxy wont be up to snuff
there is AS2 Grease and AS2 Epoxy. Make darn sure you know which is which. AS2 Epoxy comes in 2 tubes and must be mixed.

I used super glue gel on my mods. Cover the surface with AS but leave the 4 corners bare. A tiny dab on each corner and place the HSF on it (hold down the HSF with a book or something). Let it dry for 15 mins or so and you're all set.