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Wondering if my CPU is bad

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Aug 21, 2015
Southern il
Ok guys about a month ago out of no where I started having USB recognize issues then one day my computer wouldn't post anymore for anything . It's only
A year old and I tried one stick of ram in the memory slots tried different monitors with. Total different type of cable tried my other video card in the other slot (sli configured). So I thought it was my motherboard cause I was getting b2 error on my asus rampage extreme . So i bought a new motherboard. A gigabyte x99 ultra g1 .. get done Same damn thing .. so I'm wondering if it could be my CPU or maybe even pay which I doubt because all my stuff works ( water pumps) lights fans all that. Can someone please help me figure this out ?
I7 5930 watercooled
Gigabyte x99 ultra gaming
Evga supernova 1300. Psu
64 gb geil ddr4 ram
2. 980ti kingpins on ekwb blocks
Asus swift gaming monitor
Did you overclock the i7 5930, Is your PSU working well? If your PSU is working well then I would RMA the CPU.
Could be the psu still even though fans and such are working. If it is dropping the 5v or 3.3v line it can cause issues.
Which lines would the 5volt and 3 volt line be on so I can check this ? As for overclocking the CPU. I personally never went in and overclocked manually just let the asus mb do a mild overclock I would say for about 3 months then back to stock ...
Before doing anything else, go into bios and hit the F5 key to restore everything to default stock values and see if the problem disappears.
Sorry i never updated i got a pin out diagram of my pus from vega finally and found my 5 volt side to be bad. hopefully when i receive the new one that is all my problems.. thanks.