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Wood Pipe

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Jun 7, 2001
Lugoff, SC
I have a dream! NOt really, but I do have an idea! I was wondering, whut if you took a round peice of wood and bored it out to run water through it? The water would "seep" through and evaporate off of the wood, acting like a bing cooler, but keeping the nastys out of the water. Anyone ever tried this? Or, would it even work?
I dont see how drilling a hole in wood is alot of work. I even came up with a better idea. Get a peice of 2x4 and drill long "pipes" throuhg it, about 3, and put pipe connectors on it. Have about 3 long lines going through the wood. Then, drill alotta little holes going beside the "tubes" in the wood and put a fan on it. The water would evaporate faster. Thats a really really schetchy description. But, im at school..and ill make a picture in paint or something when I get home.
the bong works so well because the evaporation can carry enough heat with it to reach temps even below ambient air temp. you are going to have a problem with the wood insulating the coolant on the inside while the outside of the wood stays cool due to evaporation. wood is one of the best insulators that is used. a thick peice of wood has a high r-value, meaning less heat transfer. not a good choice for use in cooling.

*edit* one thing this makes me think of.. i've been trying to think of a good way to incorporate ceramic... i think you may have just put the pieces together in my head for me. a ceramic radiator:D
only problem is getting someone to make me a ceramic block (aluminum nitride?) with posts or fins and 3/8 holes bored through it....... i could cut the fins just fine with a diamond blade and circular saw... but about drilling the holes....

sorry, didn't mean to highjack your thread.
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its cool, thats whut this thread is all about, IDEAS! We should ask around and see if someone can make that for you...I dont have a watercooling setup, becuase im poor, and dont need one on this ghetto celery.
Hey, how 'bout building a bong out of red cedar then!

No rot, wood may still be biologically active to keep down on the bacteria, and it would smell nice :)

Be a bit leaky until it all swelled up tight, and you'd want to sit it in a pan or something......


Road Warrior
Fungus!!! It will rot due to something. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday. A nice humid, warm environment with lots of air. IT WILL ROT!!