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Word of Advice: Make sure you know which HDD the data is physically stored in!

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Jul 5, 2008
Short Story:

Lost a bunch of movies and shows that I've recorded, backedup, etc. over the years all because I thought I knew what data was in the failed drive.

Long Story:

I had one of my Media Server's hdds come up with a SMART status BAD and unrepairable errors in WD Diagnostics (since this is a WD 2tb green HDD). My experience with WD green drives showing SMART status BAD is that it may show that they are failing but are in working condition, allowing for the data stored on it to be backed up.

I eventually backed up that DATA I thought I knew was on the bad HDD. When I started the backup, I thought the data that was on the drive was personal files/backups and since I was going to send it in for RMA (since it is less than 1 year old) I figured I would protect whatever info is on there by running it through DBAN. It managed to write over a good 25% of the drive in one pass until DBAN told me there are too many bad sectors to continue with the operation... I figured that was good enough.

So, the following day I get on the server to watch The Mechanic because I was in the mood for a decent Jason Statham film. The shared folder which contained the film could not be accessed from my HTPC over the network. I remote into the media server and find that the hdd which contained the movie was no longer there and the drive that contained the personal data I thought was in the bad hdd was still there... So, yeah, I ended up nuking practically 2TBs worth of movies/shows, etc. and they are gone. Lesson learned.

:facepalm::bang head:mad:

Should I recover it? Not really worth it as nothing important was lost. Here's a pic of my media server


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Jan 6, 2013
Mount Dora, FL
Ouch...I just did almost the exact same thing with my HTPC, I lost all my recently recorded TV shows (like 2 seasons of Breaking Bad -- UGH).