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Worked 4 Me!

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New Member
Mar 4, 2002
so cal
Whats up Overclockers,
Last night I did my first HS lapping on my HCC-OO1 coolermaster
w/ heatpipe,nice!I got brave and tried a trick I use on my cd's.
Apply a dab of toothpaste( i used gleem it whitens :D )then take a soft cotton cloth or old t-shirt(stay away from tissue,cotton etc it leaves to many fibers)spread evenly then going with the grain in a downward motion gently wipe off paste,then reapply if needed this time wiping off paste a little harder.The tootpaste acts as a mild abrasive removing a very thin top layer of the scratch.It worked pretty good for my HS but it works awesome for cd's.

Quick ques. my cpu temp is 32c sys temp is 20c w/ 1.33 t-bird running
at 1.46ghz 133 11x v-core 1.95.
are these ok numbers? thanx everyone for your help hope I can return the favor.:beer: