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Workstation, media server, and steamlink server.

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Mar 12, 2002
I am currently trying to find an inexpensive solution to get better performance at my desk, but also have streaming to my entertainment room, and bedroom. I have a system with an [email protected] 8Gb DDR3-2000, OCZ Revodrive 3 X2 250, and samsung 830 356Gb, and a 2Tb and 4Tb storage drives.

So I am looking at a way to make this all work. I am not opposed to running several virtual machines or whatever to accomplish this. My thoughts on the matter are some sort of "Host" be it Xen or some other technology. 1 Windows OS for production stuff. IE browsing, compiling, photoshop, etc. 1 for Steam Link streaming, and possibly one setup as a MISC unix server such as web/sql/etc. The way to best handle this is escaping me. The *nix OS could be a pure hypervisor or it could be a unix/linux setup that hosts the windows VMs. I dont particularly care how that is setup as long as I will have access to GPU functions from both the workstation image and the steamlink image.

In general I don't use too many GPU resources when I am working, but I use the GPU enough that loosing my hardware acceleration in photoshop or other things It would be bothersome. The Gaming Image MUST have proper GPU acceleration as its specifically for gaming. I also dont have an onboard GPU so dedicating 100% of the GPU to the gaming instance by doing dedicated pass through that Its not even an option.