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Worth the cost? Upgrade XP1900 to an XP2100?

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Jan 4, 2002
Hi all,

I was thinking, for 100 bucks I could get an XP2100. Would that be a worthwhile upgrade for me? I have an Asus A7V-266e motherboard & it seems like a cheap bump.

Any ideas?

My thought on the matter would be to overclock your present XP, and save your money until you have enough/and prices drop enough, to make a big jump, to say an XP2700.
I have my Xp1600 running at XP2200 speed right now, at 1.775 vcore. It may be a better overclocker than your chip, but I really think that you can do much better for your money if you hold out a while longer.
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I don't really upgrade my processors- I just build new ones ;)

But the small increase in performance you get is NOT worth the money, IMO. It won't even be a very big boost in benchmarks, much less real world performance.

A new psu or watercooling components might be better ways to get rid of the cash right now, if its really burning a hole in your pocket:D
Thanks for the advice. I already have watercooling & my chip is running at 1715 mhz, I just figured I would get to 1850 or so with a new chip.

Now pulling the WC apart to put the new chip in would be a big PIA, so if its not worth it, then im not gonna bother!