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worth the wait?

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Jan 16, 2001
I've already got myself 256mb cas2 ram and a nice Geforce ultra, in the process of upgrading my tired old k6-2 450. My question is is it worth waiting for the KT133A chipest? will it work/give improvements over the kT133 with the ram I've got and the 900meg Athlons that around now?

You hardly have to wait, since the KT133A chipset is currently avalible. If you think of future upgrade path the KT133A is a clear winner.
In your other post you say that the performance increase isn't worth it and now you say it's a winner?? Color me confused
if you moving from a socket 7 get the KT133A but if you already got a KT133 then its not worth it. thats what he's sayin
According to this site, at least the Abit KT7 and KT7a have exactly the same BIOS, so don't expect any difference there. I haven't seen anything on other "a" boards yet. Because it requires running the processor at lower than spec'd clock speeds (underclocking if you will) at 133MHz, that's where you'll get your performance increase.
U really dont have to underclock if u have the right cooling. I say its worth it. Increasing the FSB makes the whole system faster.

8.0 x 133Mhz = 1064Mhz. Not only will yopur CPU be faster but your whole system.
ummm...maybe my math is bad today, but isn't running a 900 at 800 "underclocking?

Also at 6.5/133 he'd be at 865 (not a good deal). He'd need 6.5/139 to be good...I've heard (but not verified) that that is tough to do.

At 7/133 he'd be looking ok

At 7.5/133 he'd be almost at a GHz.

Me? I'm waiting to see some real results before I start talking results with the new board.
So if I go out and buy the board now and a 900meg athlon I'll have to underclock it to get it running at 133 fsb?

I can reoverclock it back up to 900 right?
To run the T-Bird 900, you will have to set the processor speed lower than default to run it at 133MHz on the FSB, yes.
You can run it back at 900 if you drop the FSB speed.
The $1,000,000 dollar question is what clock speed can you run it at with your bus speed at 133.
Inquiring minds want to know :)
I would be confused, I am heaving very hard time finding out what is going on in this tread.

Your situation:
You got a 900mhz Tbird, It is designed to run at 100mhz fsb with multiplier =9. Now you want to get a new 133mhz fsb board. With 9 x 133 you get 1197 mhz. This speed is perhaps desirable but not easy to get, Your cpu will need a lot of core voltage and serious cooling to get there, IF IT EVER WILL.

What you do is that you unlock the cpu multiplier with the pencil trick and use your new motherboards multiplier settings to compensate for the higher fsb speed.
You can run 7x133 = 931, or even try 7,5x 133 =998mhz (I know you will try that :D ). You can also play with the fsb settings for like 6,5-7x 140 or what ever.

Just remember that 900mhz in not a holy number for this cpu.

There is nothing more to it, simple as that :D

Later you find out that you are becoming serious overclocker and you will start to gather better cooling and fans to reach the 9x133mhz }>
my mobo (az11) has jumppers above the IDE connectors that tell it to run at 100FSB/133FSB.
but it dont work @133.... did they mess up, or do i have to underclock it?

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