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Wots going on inside my Computer??

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Sep 8, 2001
In the Dark!!
The problem im having is that with the system in my signal i can only get a stable overclock of 62hz, running the system at 12.5 x 149 with 3/4 devider. I have unlocked or bridged the 5th L3 on my XP2200 so now all i have is 5.5 -12.5 multiples.

The funny thing is = on 12.5 x 149 3/4 i can set the memory to its most agressive timmimgs ie (turbo, but when i go up to a hgher fsb i get instability problems:

- after a reboot all i get is cpu speed, no memory count.

- cant use memory in turbo or cas 2 mode if i do it reads the memory as being 33xxxmb instead of 256mb, but tries to boot windows and gives an error 'end point not found'

- bios says theirs no memery installed at all.

- 3dmark freezes comp

- Windows xp loading screen, indicator keeps going round and round - num lock light stuck on windows frozen. sometimes the logo screen doesn't appear and the num lock stays lit.

As you can see many a problem, all i would like to know is do people percieve these problems to be caused by the same thing memory, motherboard or cpu etc. Could a fsb of 170 be to high for amy Vid card or CPU im kind of hoping its the memory though cos its the cheapest thing to replace. It still doesn't explain why with the 3/4 devider i can get the memory up to 376 on max timmings, but when i go above 150fsb 1/1 it does the s***S!!

Thanks MDA.


Aug 15, 2002
Toronto, Canada
What kind of Samsung memory, OEM or 3rd party board?

My bets on the memory, I have some Samsung that gave me problems, I ended up getting a stick of Kingston that solved them.

Anyway you can try that stick in another machine?


Apr 21, 2001
What are your temps? Have you tried the OC with everything removed except the video card, CPU, RAM and hard drive? If you are still limited you have narrowed it down to one of those parts.