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would adding more sdram to p4 satisfy its hunger a bit?

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It won't help the processor any -- sdram is sdram, no matter how much you have. If your friend does anything reasonably memory intensive it would probably help the whole system though.
I guess it could help with memory intensive applications (especially if he uses Windows XP) since there would be less memory swapping (it would all be stored), which is a good thing especially since the memory is slow and can't transfer fast.

Otherwise though, SDRAM? :eek: :eek:
dont forget a couple years ago pc133 was the ****. but now a day pc133 is laughed at. but what did u expect when buying a p4 system from gateway at $500. they have to skimp somewhere right?

Not really. Unless the swap file's being used a lot, more RAM won't help anything. BANDWIDTH is the key to helping the P4, and that's something PC133 just doesn't have; at least not in the amounts P4's want.