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Would an arrangement like this give much more cooling?

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Crazy Jayhawk

Jul 14, 2001
Hutchinson, KS

Fear my super MSPaint skills. >(

I haven't ventured into the strange world of watercooling yet, but my motto is "If there's an overcomplicated way to do somethign I'm going to find it." Would the HSF on top of the water block just be redundant, seeing as how there would be some sort of radiator in the system?
I would want to see the results of that, but also hear what other members have to say.

My hypothesis:

Water already "takes" the heat away from the waterblock, and by putting a HSF on top might just cool down the waterblock on the top, but there is a possability of it cooling the whole block, but whats air compared to water? in order to cool the whole block you will also have to cool this water which is in the block, plus the water moves, so its going to be harder.

However it might change CPU temps by a bit if its a very good HSF.

Thats just my hypothesis, I don't own any kind of watercooling setup, and my hypothesis might be incorrect at one point, so just don't pay attention to those parts! :D
It'd be good as a backup, so that if your pump died your cpu wouldn't.

It could potentially also help it cool...not a lot, but a bit, I'm sure. Some problems you'd be running into would mainly involve mounting the thing, as you certainly can't use the clip or other normal mounting system. Then there's the hose barbs sticking out of the top (assuming Maze2 or something with barbs on top of block). Those'll get in the way.
It would also provide some air circulation stimulus in the area of the CPU. That never hurts.

Hey! That is what I am doing! I have a Global Win FOP32 that I widened the groove in the middle with a band saw. This will let me put the Danger Den clamp through it on top of the block. As soon as I have a chance to build the mount for the waterbottle it is going it.
I'm going to do that too, infact I posted about it a few days ago.
All I need now is to take measurements of my PEP66T, waterblock & those 4 holes in the mobo. Then I'll buy a copper plate and cut it to the right size.
I might get around to it in the weekend, while modding my case.