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Would appreciate some suggestions on a new CPU MB combo

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Feb 7, 2005
Hello all,
I have had the same build for many years and never had any issues. This has been a great system that I built with great suggestions last time. This is my situation,

I bought a Elgato 4K capture card and it worked for a while but after a software update all of a sudden the cature card didn't work. After talking to Elgato Support they showed me in the system requirements I need a 6th gen i5 or better cpu. Which means if I go that route I need to get a newer MB also. I have no need to build a moster of a system since my system works fine for me now BUT if I want to keep the capture card rather than take a loss in $$$ trying to sell it I need to get a better CPU then the MB for that cpu I chose. Since I have a graphics card I don't need an onboard GPU. GUys and girls, I just neeed to do this upgrade that will fit my needs and not cost me more than I need ot spend.

I've always used Asus MB's and Intel CPU, looking at my signature which has all my current hardware.. what Asus MB and which 6th Gen i7 or better depending on price would any of you suggest. The important part is not suggesting a new CPU & MB combo which will end up making me change other parts of my system. Just want to upgrade the CPU and MB that will work well with the rest of my system now.

As always thanks in advance
um well, if i were in your position i would not be buying 6th gen stuff when thats still way behind in the times, i'd be buying 11th at least or amd 5xxx stuff

i think you'll be spending more in the long run with incremental steps like from 4th ro 6th gen orr similar
I understand what you are saying but in my case at 66 years old I don't need a corvette I just need something reliable. Sorry for the pun.

I don't want to build a complete system when my current system is perfect except it doesn't support my capture card. It's smarter to loss $250 then to spend $700+ upgrading my system but since this is so old even though it wokrs perfectly for anything I need I thought going midway between what I have and what is the newest greatest, make more sense?

I also know I am asking a lot to find the exact MB and cpu that uses ddr3 and also has the same number of pci ports as my Asus A-97z just hoping to reuse everything except mb and cpu
i'm not saying spend gobs on hardware, i'm saying dont limit your self to the bare minimum of the req for your capture card.
check out your local used ads, i find cheap stuff newer than that all of the time, usually the cpu/mobo combos come with ram too.

i'm also not in a well to do tech savvy area either
Thanks for your reply, I don't buy used computer hardware.....NEVER, not judging those who do I buy new and spend the money, yes much more, yes but it is how I feel about that stuff
So, to be clear, you're looking for 6th gen stuff. Brand new things today that were released in 2015, right??

Also, you mention PCI slot.... do you mean PCIe slots or actual PCI?

IIRC, 6th gen/skylake processors are ddr4, so you'd need to upgrade your ram regardless to get something compatible...
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Okay I get your point it is not realistic.... So I guess I am NOW looking for a Asus MB and an Intel i7 CPU that has the same if not more card slots. If you look at the one I have now Asus a-97 Z I need the some number of slots to handle the cards in my system now. So as long as the MB "Asus" has equal or more pcie slots I would be interested in suggestions
Curious... what PCIe cards do you have that you require four of them? I see you mentioned a capture card, what else?? According to my count, outside of your video card, you need one for the capture card.

The biggest problem you'll have is to find something "new" that's so old.
It's not that I need so many it was that I know the MB I have now has enough even more than enough so I wanted to get a new MB that had equal or more as my current to be safe.

I have GPU, A USB card and my Elgato 4K60 Pro MK2, Internal capture card So in reality I don't need a ton PCIe slots but I would like more than just 3

Doesn't just about any ATX motherboard have the slots that you require plus some? Your GPU is x16, I assume your USB card is x1 and your capture card is x4. I'm struggling to find a full ATX board that doesn't cover all that and then some.
Okay then, it should be easy to suggest a good Asus MB and CPU without building a top rated system which costs $$$$ I started this tread to get suggestions and my lack of knowledge about what is new enough got in the way. can we start all over?
Have you thought about not upgrading at all? You seem to really like your current hardware and your only reason for upgrading is to compensate for a software update Elgato made that broke your capture card. Why not just revert back to the previous Elgato software prior to their update and continue to use all your current hardware as is? Their support pointing to their 6th gen CPU system requirement almost seems like a tech support copout anyway.
Okay then, it should be easy to suggest a good Asus MB and CPU without building a top rated system which costs $$$$ I started this tread to get suggestions and my lack of knowledge about what is new enough got in the way. can we start all over?
lol, we're feeling our way through it, lol...

In regards to your USB card that's PCIe attached..........why do you have it? Does the rear IO on the board you currently have not have enough? How many do you need/want? Many of today's halfway modern boards (read: ones you can actually get new since that's apparently a 'hard' requirement) have 8+ (just on rear IO, there are front panel ones too)... do you need more? Or is it high speed (what speeds do you need?)?

I'm asking this as I'm not sure you'd actually need a card so any 3 slot board should do (we're helping us help you too, lol). Once your expectations are set properly and your needs clarified, we can pick some parts.

EDIT: Also, why an "i7" are you aware that newer i5's may be plenty for your needs (as generations are newer, more cores/threads were in each i3/i5/i7/i9 grouping -- again, trying to set your expectations instead of you just listing things without knowing the modern implications)
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The capture card worked for a month and then the software update, then it didn't work.. Elgato said it was due to not having a 6th Gen CPU, so they sent me the prior version of the capture software and when installed and after making sure all of the update was removed it still wouldn't work. Elgato says this has happened and when using a 6th Gen CPU the crad and software works.

I appreciate you trying to help me but we are getting away from my need and that is advice about a new Asus MB and a new Intel i7 CPU.
If I'm not crazy, that board has 2 PCIe slots (the rest are PCI). Dude has 3 PCIe cards at the moment.
I hope you find what you're looking for EaglePi... we're here to help (trying!) but happy to just throw boards out that may not be the best for your situation. Have a little patience in answering the relevant questions!
If I'm not crazy, that board has 2 PCIe slots (the rest are PCI). Dude has 3 PCIe cards at the moment.

It looks like it's 2x-x16, 2x-x1, 2xPCI. Would technically work with the listed expansion cards assuming the USB card is x1 or even PCI.

Also found this 6700k if you are really set on i7 over i5.
i7 6700K
Good call.. I missed the x1 slot in the middle.

Who knows what the USB card is, can't get info out the dewd for his own betterment, lol.