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Would better case cooling help?

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Feb 3, 2001
My TBird is currently running at 42C as I type this (all that is running is IExplore) and case temp is 26C.

Does it look like I need a better HSF on CPU or do I need better case cooling?
what type of hsf are you using now for idle temp`s they seem a little high the case cooling question can be answered with one quick little experement open your case and point a little table fan at your case at a 45 degree angle if your temp`s drop significantly then i believe the answer i yes.... with a case temp of 29 i suspect it`s a little of both case fan`s and hsf ;D
Case cooling definately helps. I have 7 in my case now(besides the HSF). 6 of them are on a seperate power supply, and if I switch it off, case and cpu temp climbs by 5 to 7 degrees(at least).
I had 3 fans in the case, and by changing them to higher speed models, the temp at the cpus dropped 5 degrees.
I use a couple of 120mm fans, 1 front, 1 rear. Throw a reostat controll on them and wola total speed control. For normal use they run great at half speed, if heat starts building then up they go.
case cooling makes a BIG difference. *some* air movement through the case is vital, and the more the better. that way there's no stagnant air around the cpu or other heat-generating components collecting heat.